Best Microphone for macbook pro

Having a MacBook Pro is a fantasy for any computer user with extraordinary features. But many people find it challenging to get the best microphone for the MacBook pro. This is the foremost thing that they see as an external mic for an audio interface. 

If you want to start your recording, you should have a mic that gives perfection to your voice. Do you want to irritate your listeners? Of course, you don’t. Then to start, you should have the most professional microphone to create podcasts, songs, or available recordings on your MacBook pro at its best.   

Only a decent mic can add quality sound elements to your recordings like YouTube videos, clips, podcasts, video calls, meetings, etc. Although the microphone is the necessity of the digital world and the demand of everyone, the question is there are hundreds of options, from which is the best microphone to buy? It isn’t easy to decide for a beginner. 

Are you a beginner who wants to buy a microphone with perfect sound quality at an affordable price? Then this helpful guide with the best recommendation is just for you. 

Which is best for MacBook pro USB or XLR microphone?

There are different types of microphones. But it is based on plugins directly with MacBook pro categorized in two types USB and XLR. One that can attach directly via USB cable or another XLR variant that needs some external audio interface.

Portable USB Microphone

For those who prefer easy setup with portable devices USB microphone is the best option. If you want to buy a cheap, good result, and easy portable setup, you can go with a USB microphone.

XLR/audio interface

On the other hand, a professional and superior audio quality XLR/audio interface is particular for podcast and professional recordings. 

Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball microphone for macbook pro
Act as ‘plosives’ by use of the shield 
Portable Desktop design 
Attachable stand 

A cheerful ball-shaped microphone with an attachable stand records your voice perfectly. For zoom chatting and video recording, the audio capture Blue microphone is excellent and fun-loving. You can place your microphone slightly at a distance from your mouth to pick up ‘plosives.’ It’s the best USB condenser microphone cheap in price and can fit on your desk at a good height.

Rode PodMic

Rode Pod microphone for macbook pro
Filter reduces vibration 
Moveable design 
Built-in pop shield 

An antique radio studio mic with metallic solid construction is available on the market for quality video recording. Rode brand aimed to enhance audio podcast quality with a pop shield grill. It has an XLR output mechanism and is surrounded by a firmly integrated bracket screw.

If you desire worthy vocal work, then you must consider the best quality Rode PodMic. There is a linked feature of the filter that minimizes plosives. It also absorbs shock with internal structure and reduces vibration to enhance the pitch and quality of voice. 

USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone 

SB/XLR Dynamic microphone for macbook pro
2 in one USB & XLR output
Handheld-style chassis
Low weight

Are you confused about both USB and XLR microphones? Then you should buy this two in one best microphone for the MacBook pro. Samson Q2U has both USB and XLR audio outputs. Without a volume button, you can control volume via software. Its traditional compact handle enables it to fit in any standard mic stand easily. Easy to connect 3.5mm headphone jack if need direct monitoring. 

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti microphone for macbook pro
LED personalizes its meter
Multifunctional Knob
Stand support 

A high-resolution supportive LED light-meter linked mic has legendary Blue broadcast sound capturing quality. It is easy to adjust voice level by monitoring via meter during recording on youtube streaming, podcast, or any professional recording.

All in one multifunctional knob ease during recording from volume adjustment and mute to sound quality. There need to install Logitech’s free G HUB software for clear sound and HD modulation effects. By connecting with MacBook pro easy to monitor the mic by desktop. 


TONOR USB microphone for macbook pro
A Cardioid Pickup Pattern
Easy to install
USB 2.0 data port

USB plug-in mic is more convenient to use. TC-777 is the advanced invention of the TONOR brand that has a USB 2.0 data port. Without any additional circuit easy to install and use for chatting, zoom meetings, and live streaming on MacBook pro without lowering sound quality. 

With the help of a cardioid pickup pattern, background noise is easy to remove, and the audio record flawlessly. Tripod stands firmly screws the mic and keeps the mic in the exact position in front of the speaker. An ideal choice for gamers and professional users due to its consistent performance as the best microphone for the MacBook pro. 

MAONO AU-A04T USB Microphone

MAONO AU-A04T microphone for macbook pro
Stable and portable design
Strong gripped support
Adjustable stand  

In this digital age, high competition is going to raise for quality of voice. Voice over will become a demanding niche for personal recordings to assist others like marketing ads voice. So only this 30Hz-16 kHz flat frequency smooth and excellent voice changer mic can meet this demand. Using a USB 2.0 data port makes it easy to install and start recording professionally with MacBook pro.  

FIFINE Studio Mic

FIFINE Studio microphone for macbook pro
2.5M USB Cable
Durable steel support stand
Double pop filter

It is not easy to change your voice quality without having a durable home studio mic. FIFINE Studio Mic along with high SPLs ease recorder to record efficient voice. It would help if you linked the mic with mac by using a 2.5M USB cable. There is eco removing feature due to the Double Pop Filter that consists of two filtering layers. 

The foldable arm shape stands easy to attach to the table by using the clip. Steel-made spring support gives extra durability to the stand—lower side USB adaptor link mic with a laptop. 

TC30 Microphone

TC30 microphone for macbook pro
Cons Pop play filter 
Anti-vibration concealed shock mount
Adjustable mic position on the stand

You are a gamer or podcast streamer, and it does not matter; you need to have a strong gripped cardioid pickup pattern mic. Easy to install with the help of a USB 2.0 data port that supports a pop filter to the mic tripod.

There is an anti-vibration upgraded concealed that absorbs extra vibration and keeps the voice clear from noise. The small size stand has a firm grip on the mic and keeps the lifted position in front of the speaker.  

Shure MV5 Digital Mic

Shure MV5 Digital microphone for macbook pro
Wireless digital connecting feature
Aluminum durable material
Sound without any distortion

Do you like to have a digital mic that doesn’t need an adaptor or external connection? It provides optimal results due to 3 DSP models. East to stand on any table and have 1/4″ camera tripod thread. A digital mic without any external wire looks like an antique and versatile thing for voice-over and podcasters. 

The portable digital mic was easy to lift along with the MacBook pro anywhere for live streaming. Aluminum material construction makes it durable for users who have no budget to buy mics again and again.   

Samson G-Track Pro

Samson G-Track Pro microphone for macbook pro
Sonic options
Cardioid feature
Self-recording support

This mic is a little bit expensive, but Samson G-Track Pro is the best choice for those who want to get multiple features with sonic options. It has three extraordinary features that are similar to Blue Yeti. The unidirectional feature allows recording interviews, while Cardioid expels the extra noise. 

A unique feature of the recording button makes it more acceptable for a professional meeting to record instantly. The swing shape stands easy to adjust and keep along the side of the MacBook pro. The small size makes it more acceptable for personal use and portable dealings. 

Apogee Mic Plus

Apogee Mic Plus microphone for macbook pro
No need for software installation
Sleek design for apple fans
Bass reduction feature

Intelligent people prefer a mic that provides hassle-free recording options. They don’t require any additional editing or software for proper functioning. Apogee Mic Plus with CAD Audio U37 USB mic is a great option to record your YouTube video by connecting with a MacBook pro using any USB port. 

Its U37 is Windows and Macintosh compatible and works on any installed software by choosing it in your settings. Cardioid pick-up patterns reduce or minimize the background noise to make your singing more isolated. 


Omnidirectional-JV601 microphone for macbook pro
360-degree adjustable Gooseneck
LED indicator helps to check connectivity
Available at low cost with high quality

Are you looking for a 360-degree position adjustable design mic that eases you during working on MacBook pro? Then Gooseneck designed an Omnidirectional-JV601 mic that comes with a flexible standing wire. 

LED indicator holding mute button tells the status of mic mute or unmute. Without changing your position, move your mic to record noise-free, good sound effects. Metallic pipe with a heavy-duty ABS stand ensures its durability. Just connect it with your MacBook pro via USB and start recording without the hassle of software. 

Buying Guide

What needs to cinder to buy USB Mic for MacBook Pro

Once you decide to buy a mic for your Mack book pro, you must consider some essential things. That ensures you are going to buy what exactly you need or not? 

Here are some pro tips that can help you to go shopping. 

Recording aim

When you are buying a mic, the foremost thing is to plan or specify what you want to record? Then choose a mic by keeping in mind your need and budget. Like for you tuber, there needs a mic for regular use while for podcaster the priority change.

Sound Quality

Buying a mic means you want something extra that is not in your MacBook pro. So it would help if you chose according to your original sound quality because there need to modify the original one into the absolute pitch. 

Size of mic and stand

Choose a mic according to your preference about the size of a mic. As for home recording, a giant size microphone is okay. On the other hand, an office or any moveable activity like a vlogger needs a small portable mic.

Best Microphone for MacBook pro

Here we enlist top-quality microphones that meet your audio recording requirements. Just have a look and finalize what you like from the list.

Final Thoughts

The microphone is a priority to get quality sound. In the same way, we have proper knowledge about microphones matters a lot in the selection of a mic. This article helps guide and FAQs assist any beginner or expert microphone buyer in choosing a good quality satisfied product for MacBook pro. By keeping in mind USB and XLR, two connecting systems here, we recommend satisfied products. You can go with anyone that meets your requirements flawlessly.

Buy unique discounted products and share your experience with us in the comment section.


Can I plug an external Microphone with my MacBook Pro?

Yes, you can improve your sound recording quality by connecting your MacBook pro with any XLR or USB connector microphone.

Which microphone is compatible with MacBook Pro?

Several microphones are compatible with the MacBook pro. You can pick according to your system and your sound quality requirements. 

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