How to turn on the microphone on an iPad

FaceTime, calls, Siri, video/audio recording, dictation, third-party apps, and multiplayer gaming require a working microphone on our iPad. However, it is pretty inconvenient when you don’t know how to turn on the microphone on your iPad or when the microphone stops working with a specific app. Here’s how to turn on the microphone on the iPad.

how to turn on microphone on ipad

Steps to Stop Access iPhone Microphone for Third-Party Apps

Users of iOS/iPadOS can enable two-factor authentication to enable or use the microphone for third-party installed apps on their iPhone/iPad.

From the iPhone Settings app, we may grant permission to specific apps.

Open the iPhone Settings app > Scroll to the App name.

Then, toggle the Microphone Toggle to Green.

how to turn on microphone on ipad

Remove Microphone Restrictions on iPhone, iPad: Screen Time

Open the iPhone Settings app > Navigate to Screen Time.

Scroll down to Content & Privacy Restrictions > Navigate to Microphone.

Then, keep “Allow Changes” selected and enable the toggle to utilize the microphone for the desired App. That’s all.

A way to turn on microphone on ipad

Also, Check This

Navigate to the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad > Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Locate the area showing all third-party apps currently operating on your iOS device.

Look for the App that allows you to manage microphone settings. Allow access to the device’s microphone to test its functionality.

Here’s Troubleshooting Guide on a microphone

If you continue to have issues with the microphone not working or not detecting on a specific app, check for an updated app in the app store > Force close App or restart your iPhone/ iPad.

As a result, no one has the authority to allow your iPhone’s microphone to be used by third-party apps. If you wish to adjust the microphone settings on your iPhone, you can temporarily disable restrictions.

Don’t be concerned if you forget the limits or the passcode. Use this method to reset a forgotten restriction passcode.

Top Ways to Fix Microphone Not Working on iPad

Check Microphone On Ipad

You may test the device’s microphone by opening the camera app on your iPad and recording a video. In the video, try to capture the ambient sound.

Play the video in the Photos app. If you can hear the sound, the microphone on the iPad is working correctly. It’s conceivable that the problem is limited to a third-party app you’re attempting to utilize. If the iPad fails to record audio in the video, the device’s microphone is not functioning correctly.

Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

While most TWS (total wireless stereo) devices will disconnect when placed in the enclosure, some may continue to function normally. If you connect your iPad to a TWS or Bluetooth earphone, it will continue to use the associated device’s microphone to receive calls.

Reset Settings

A misconfigured setting on your iPad can cause the microphone to stop working. You can restore iPadOS settings to their default state.

Remove Case

Some manufacturers may not provide exact cutouts for iPad microphones to function normally. Examine the iPad case you’re using closely to see whether it’s obstructing any microphone openings.


When the iPad microphone quits working, you’re in for the wrong time. Before you rush to the local Apple service center, try the tips above to solve the problem quickly. Hopefully, you will learn everything regarding how to turn on the microphone on the iPad after this guide. 


Where is the microphone on the iPad?

The microphone is on the tablet computer’s left side, above the headphone jack.

Why isn’t my iPad’s microphone working?

Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPad. Step 2: Scroll down to the App where you’re having microphone issues. Step 3: It will bring up the ‘Allow app access menu. Microphone toggle enabled

How to turn on the microphone on the iPad? 

Select Settings.
Select Privacy.
Select App Permissions.
Tap the microphone.
Toggle all of the mentioned apps to the green switch. If you only want to use the microphone in a few apps, toggle them accordingly.

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